• July 15, 2024

C9300-24H-A and C9300-48P-A are the best choices to secure your system from Switch Tech Supply

 C9300-24H-A and C9300-48P-A are the best choices to secure your system from Switch Tech Supply

Casio C9300-24H-A are top-notch stackable switch, it has extremely good bandwidth capabilities. C9300 has the highest wireless scale for wifi 6 and 2 access points that support a single switch. 

This model is based on UADP 2.0 ASIC, which supports crypto and has 100 GB hardware-based IPsec. It has a USB 2.0 slot to load system images. Moreover, it has a built-in defense system against runtime errors.

Casio C9300-48UB crystal series switches are stackable company switching platforms that are built for security purposes. These series platforms are made for high-density wifi 6 and 802.11 ac. These series are setting a new future. Moreover, it has 1100W default AC power and 688 Gbps switching capacity.

Switch Tech supply is the best place for purchasing 100 % original products. Their hardworking team members manually pick every product and send them to their trustworthy clients.

The era in which we are living is technology-oriented they knew the demand for the fastest devices for their customer. 

They are always ready to deliver them new and latest products. Therefore, their customers stay safe in their homes and they deliver every product to their doorstep.

Features of C9300-24H-A:

1 Tb of Stacking Bandwidth:

These are high-density stacking bandwidths with a flexible uplink structure. These switches are one of a kind in their competitor industries.

Mix stacking with backward compatibility:

Assemble your Catalyst 9300X fiber switches with Catalyst Multi GB switches, and transfer stackable high-speed fiber to the access of your system.

More than 90W UPOE Density:

Just allow your OT/IT wants with up to 36 ports of 90W UPOE+ for standalone or 288 ports of 90W UPOE+ with an 8-member stack.

100 GB IPsec in Hardware:

With the new feature of 2.0Sec UADP ASIC, the Catalyst 9300-24H-A comes with 100G line rate IPsec to recreate many choices for new edge connections.

Fully Secure Tunnel connectivity:

With the help of this series, you can secure connections for a secure net Gateway, Cloud Service suppliers, and website-to-website property using an IPsec tunnel with AES-256 coding and speed almost up to 100G.

Advanced application hosting:

It comes with a double in amount capacity and extra RAM QAT, and 2 x 10G AppGig Ports, multiple Cisco Signed performance savvy applications can be hosted on it quickly.

Features of C9300-48UB:

This data sheet leads to a stackable company shift platform built for security, IoT, mobility, and the cloud. The Catalyst C9300-48UB  Series is one of the top optimized platforms for high-density Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave2.

It sets a new position for network balance. These switches also make for the future, with an x86 C.P.U. design and a lot of memory, allowing them to host owners and run third-party applications with the help of scripts in the switch.

The Series is meant to support multi-purpose deployment for nonstop forwarding with Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO) and the original resilient design in a stackable (sub-50-ms) solution.

The resilient and economical power design options Cisco Stack Power, which delivers high-density Power over a local area network and (PoE+), 60W Cisco Universal Power over a local area network (Cisco UPOE), and 90W Cisco UPOE+ ports.

Final Thoughts:

By reading all features of both data sheets, you know the advantages of these switch series. They have advanced technology to speed up your system network. These devices can connect to a network and exchange data packets.

These devices are your computer, printers, and your WLN. These switches came with the ability to connect with hardware and software both. Switch Tech Supply never compromises the quality of the product. Their only aim of them is that their customers get the best product so, they assure that the product is got from the original makers. 

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