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Buran ghati- Timings, Accessibility, Best time to visit

 Buran ghati- Timings, Accessibility, Best time to visit


Buran Ghati trek:

In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, there is a gorgeous and difficult hike known as the Buran Ghati Trek. Buran Pass, the trek’s highest point, and Ghati, which meaning valley, are the sources of the name. The walk starts in the town of Sangla and leads hikers through some of the most stunning scenery in the area, including thick woods, sprawling meadows, and snow-capped peaks.

The panorama of the Kinnaur Kailash range, encircled by glaciers and snow-capped peaks, that can be seen from the Buran Pass is one of the trek’s highlights. The views and the surrounding natural beauty make the effort well worth it despite the trail’s steepness and difficulty in certain places.

In addition, a number of small villages are traversed along the journey, providing a chance for hikers to get a taste of the local way of life and culture. The journey can take 6-7 days to complete, and there are a variety of lodging alternatives along the way, including modest guesthouses and camping grounds.

The Buran Ghati Walk is, all things considered, a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a difficult trek with breathtaking scenery. It is ideal to go between the months of June through September when the weather is consistent and the trails are clean. It is crucial to be well-prepared, both physically and psychologically, as the walk calls for a high degree of fitness and can be difficult at times.

Timings, Accessibility, Best time to visit:

In the Himachal Pradesh province of India, the Kinnaur district is home to the Buran Ghati hike. It is a beautiful journey that takes you through the lovely landscapes of the Kinnaur and Shimla areas. The Buran Pass, which is the highest point of the walk, is traversed on the way from the settlement of Reckong Peo to Chitkul.

The walk provides a distinctive blend of magnificent views, cultural encounters, and adventurous activities. You get the opportunity to soak in the splendour of nature as the route leads you past thick forests, wide meadows, and picturesque villages. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to meet locals, discover their customs, and eat some of their food.

The excursion includes a difficult climb, many river crossings, and a number of high ascents and descents. The Buran Pass, which is the trek’s highest point, provides breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys in the area. The journey is a fantastic alternative for individuals looking for an adrenaline rush and a chance to push their physical and mental limits.

Timings: There are no set hours to visit Buran Ghati; the hike is available at all times. To avoid the heat and ensure that you have enough time to finish the walk before it gets dark, it is usually best to set out on the trek early in the morning.

Accessibility: The closest airport to Buran Ghati is Shimla Airport, which is about 235 kilometres distant and located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla Train Station, which is located around 220 kilometres away, is the closest railway station. You may go to Reckong Peo, Kalpa, or Chitkul, the towns and villages closest to Buran Ghati, from these points. To get to the trek’s beginning point from these areas, you can either rent a cab or use a local bus.

Best time to visit

: Due to the bright skies and accessibility of the trip, June to September are the best months to explore Buran Ghati. This period is great for enjoying the walk to the fullest since the terrain is dry and the scenery is clear. It’s crucial to remember that the journey is not advised during the monsoon season since the terrain can become treacherous and slippery. Only with the right clothes and equipment is the journey feasible during the chilly winter months, which can last from October to March. It’s also vital to keep in mind that the journey could not be open during the winter owing to a lot of snowfall and bad weather.


Buran Ghati is a journey that offers a unique synthesis of breathtaking landscape, cultural contacts, and action-packed pursuits. It takes 6-7 days to finish the Buran Ghati Trek, and the best time to go is between June and September when the weather is consistent and the routes are pristine. The settlement of Sangla, which has good road connections to the area’s major cities, is where the walk may be started. No matter if you enjoy outdoor activities, are a fan of nature, or are just looking for an escape from the city, Buran Ghati is a must-visit destination that will provide you wonderful memories. Due to its accessibility, breathtaking landscape, and chance to interact with locals, Buran Ghati is a climb that should be on every traveller’s must-do list.

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