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Bruce Weber – A Quick Fashion Photography Guide To Explore

 Bruce Weber – A Quick Fashion Photography Guide To Explore

Fashion photography is all about meeting great people and working in exotic locations. However, the profession has some challenges which may take people by surprise. First, it is not easy to make it to the top of this industry. Second, it is also difficult to enter this industry without a connection and network. Anyone who wants to break into fashion photography needs to possess the skill, experience, and an eye for details. Veteran fashion photographers say that people who want to succeed in this profession, need to have an eye for details. Also, they need to derive inspiration from everyday life. Fashion, after all, is a way of everyday expression.

Bruce Weber Defines Fashion Photography

Bruce Weber is a famous fashion photographer who is known for his creative photography skills. Bruce has been working as a fashion photographer for a long time. Those who want to learn about fashion photography can follow Bruce’s tutorials. He has written a few books on fashion photography to offer his insight. Bruce has a diverse career story. He has not only made it to the top as a fashion photographer but also worked as a basketball coach for some time. But photography remains his key passion and he makes it a point to follow this path. Here Bruce gives out a few tips to help aspiring photographers learn about fashion photography.

Bruce says that unless someone learns to derive inspiration from everyday life, one will never be able to develop photography skills. Despite its glamor and exotic appeal, fashion photography is all about selling clothes and other fashion objects. Mostly people ample down the streets in jeans and t-shirts. For this reason, fashion photography is more than cocktail gowns and slick suits.

Finding Fashion Inspiration

Bruce says that the greatest thing about fashion is, one can find inspiration everywhere. The style resources are around for everyone to see and capture. He says to get started one can go to people they know. A fashion model does not have to be glamorous or highly made up. Someone dressed in simple khakis and a white shirt can make a great fashion model. For this reason, one needs to keep an eye open and look for inspiration everywhere.

Window shopping helps aspiring fashion photographers develop their skills. One needs to look at the showrooms to find the latest trends. A fashion photographer needs to look at the mannequins as well. If one wants to get inspiration, one can get it everywhere.

Off-duty, celebrities are also good sources of style inspiration. How they dress and how they hold themselves could be great sources of fashion photography motivation. Therefore, an aspiring fashion photographer needs to look at people and see fashion.

When nothing else works, Bruce advises people to turn to fashion magazines. These are amazing sources of fashion inspiration. If someone wants to learn about fashion and the art of posing their models, one will be able to get ample ideas from fashion magazines.

As per Bruce Weber, an aspiring photographer regardless of the industry needs to be prepared when entering the fashion industry.

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