• June 21, 2024

Brow lamination – The Benefits, Cost, Risk Involved and Results – Complete Overview

Brow lamination is a process similar to familiar lash lift treatment, this procedure results in the enhancement and a bolder look. Brow lamination involves brow tint and shaping and it is a semi-permanent treatment that results in lasting for nearly 6-8 weeks. This treatment enhances the look of brow hairs and redirects their natural texture.

Benefits of Brow lamination:

Following are a few benefits listed for brow lamination Minneapolis treatment:

  • The treatment provides you with the desired and perfect shape that lasts long for nearly six to eight weeks.

  • Brow Lamination Minneapolis provides the complete look of thickness, evenness, and fullness of your brows.

  • It adds beauty to the face by manipulating thinner hair and gaps that may occur due to aging and past threading and waxing of brows.

  • It can be easily paired with other services.

  • It is manageable to prepare for and upkeep and it doesn’t involve any painful process.

An approximate cost of brow lamination is 90$ and on top $20 or $30 are added for the services included like shaping and brow tint. Compared with the other brow treatments it is said to be affordable as it is manageable and requires less equipment and can be done in the minimum amount of time.

Even though the process involved is simple and affordable, it also includes risk. This service is not suggested for pregnant, nursing, or having thyroid consequences. It is not recommended for sensitive skin without a patch test. A patch test should be done at least prior 48 hours to this (Brow Lamination) treatment in case of sensitive skin also avoid the use of retinol for 4 weeks and also avoid touching eyebrows.

Getting treated often could create weakness and damage to your follicles over time, so avoid getting treated regularly. Care should be taken after the treatment such as avoiding touching and rubbing the treated area, and applying cosmetics for at least 48 hours after the treatment.

Brow lamination adds beauty impact along with that there is a risk being followed depending on your skin type, Due to the chemicals involved Brow lamination treatment may result in skin irritation and swelling, itching, dryness, and redness, and can cause bumps in the area treated.

Recommended to be sure about the consequences that you are going to face after the treatment. It may also involve eye damage due to the chemical used, and if chemicals run into your eyes during the procedure.

Final Overview

By considering the overall aspects it is suggested to consult a physician and make sure about skin type before attempting the brow lamination treatment. As it involves pros and cons regarding beauty and health as well. For further details and suggestions, it is recommended to seek assistance from expert professionals at Brows By Tamsen to avail more information about this topic. The expert team will guide you in every step and help you to obtain the most favorable results at affordable pricing points.

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