• July 19, 2024

Best Payroll Management Apps For Small Businesses This 2022

Better Pipelines

Kaela has only been working as an HR Payroll Manager for two years. Within that duration, she had received the ire of the older, more tenured Human Resources colleagues primarily because of her penchant lobby for more efficient pipelines. 

Being the lone 20-something professional in the department, Kaela wanted to change how things are being conducted. She wanted to streamline certain processes such as setting up the payroll schedule, filing taxes, tracking time-offs, and the like so that they can focus on duties that require more human agency. This is something that her colleagues chalk up as her just wanting to do things easily; as someone who had come from a younger generation, she is one to subscribe to methods that would use less of her brain. 

Kaela knew better. She realized that transitioning into the use of software for calculating Payroll might turn her colleagues off. They might find it challenging to learn new technologies that, at times, do prove challenging for technological immigrants like them. But Kaela was not about to give up. She soldiered despite being faced with questions on costs, learning curves, and the overall reliability of her proposed software. Of course, these are legitimate concerns as what is being dealt with here is the hard-earned money of employees.

Kaela is only one of the many professionals who seek the convenience of technology to render better processes. 

Payroll Management Apps You May Want to Look Into

Direct deposits, payroll taxes, and other salary-related matters need to be kept accurate. Such should be done not only for the sake of avoiding professional sanctions but to uphold fair professional practices. When done manually, these processes may prove to be time-consuming and altogether taxing. 

When it comes to money, human minds can easily make mistakes. In a report published by the Internal Revenue Systems (IRS), the agency had addressed over $4.9 billion in penalties for failure of salary payment and bouncing checks. These could have easily been avoided if the companies involved went out of their way to search for reliable Payroll software. 

To help firms make the same pitfalls, here are five of the best Payroll Management apps worth looking into.


Considered the aptest software for the more large-scale firms and corporations, ADP remains to be the most known app on this list. 

ADP is also recommendable for businesses that are gearing themselves to become large operations. It has 4 packages categorized following scope and effectiveness based on the level a business may be in. Depending on the package, ADP offers a lot of HR add-ons like “HR Training and Toolkits”, “HR Newsletters”, and “HR Compliance Database and Alerts” just to mention a few. 

One of the criticisms against ADP is that the pricing for the facets of its services is not transparent. Interested firms need to fill out certain applications to ascertain the combination of services pertinent to their operations. If we are to quote a range for say a 10-person business, the cost would go from roughly $150 to $200. Meanwhile, setup fees might range from a measly $25 to $200. 

While these costs might look steep, the reports created through ADP are robust, accounting for reliable compliance.


Speaking of robust reporting, this very concept is at the core of Paychex’s services. The software provides over 160 reports that allow for a clear peruse of salaries, turnovers, and taxes, alongside other significant payroll reporting facets. Paychex has also automated the filing of payroll taxes and can also be integrated with other applications a company might already be using. 

On top of that, support is available for Paychex clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The payroll software itself is easy to set up and run. It is availed of several upgrades that could go hand-in-hand with a company’s growth.

Quickbooks Payroll

Among the software in the list, QuickBooks Payroll is probably the most intuitive to set up and easiest to navigate. 

The software works well with QuickBooks for accounting with as everything will be seamlessly automated. Should users need support in going through the technicalities, various online resources are available. All in all, QuickBooks can make all processes easy no matter the professional’s experience or caliber.


Workful is among the younger Payroll software in the digital market. Users of the application agree that it stands out among other payroll tools in light of its customer support. On top of this, it offers geolocation tracking that assures companies that their employees’ attendance is being tracked. Another thing that business owners laud about Workful is its feature that allows employees to submit their expenses for reimbursement for the next cutoff

While some may say that it falls short of allowing for automated tax filing, Workful is intuitive and affordable.


Low costs, unlimited payroll runs, and paid time off tracking are only a few services that Gusto offers. It brings a bit of what the other applications have into the mix. Gusto has provisions for direct deposit and even checks for employee payment. It has also automated the filing and tracking of local, state, and Federal taxes. 

Offering tiered packages, Gusto does not diminish what the lower tiers offer. Instead, the offerings that can be found on the higher packages are heightened which is indicative of fair pricing. For instance, in the basic plan, a deposit can be made within 4 days; on higher packages, the next day direct deposit is made available.

The Takeaway

Kaela stands in the gateway that would render passe payroll processes and herd her colleagues to easier payroll pipelines and methods. 

The need for automated procedures in the different facets of business cannot be stressed any further in the face of a fast-paced digital world. Taking advantage of the latest software developments is no longer just a luxury but a necessity to render work environments more efficient.

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