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Best Juicer for celery-Comparison Chart


Ranging from Omega’s centrifugal juicers to Kuving;s masticating juicers, there are unlimited juices brands in the world and knowing about some of them is essential. With this, people will be able to select the right juicer for celery but going through their detailed description.

Therefore, in this article, today I have decided to make a comparison of some of the best juicers in the world. Through this chart you will get the idea about their features and what makes them the foremost juicers and ideal choice of the people.

Top juicers for celery – Comparison Chart

Below is the detailed chart of some of the leading juicers of 2023 with unique features and functionality. Moreover,these juicers vary from each other in terms of durability, versatility, shape, and model. So, let’s go through the chart!

Name Champion 2000+ Solar Star II Samson
Type Champion 2000+is a masticating juicer with circle shaped juicer to extract juice from greens instead of wheat grass. Solar star II is a dual stage single auger juicer and is the subtype of the cold press juicers. Samson is a single auger juicer that works by extracting the juice and collecting it in a container while ejecting the pulp at the tip of the gear.
Cleaning The parts are removable but it doesn’t have a cleaning brush with it. For cleaning, the producers offer self cleaning features and a cleaning brush in this juicer. This item requires care while cleaning. While, the cleaning brush is there if you want in depth cleaning of your juicer.
Juice yield The juice extraction takes time and the end product is average as it contains  solids in it. This juicer operates at low RPM which means that it produces less frothy and pulp juice with maximum nutrients in it. This cold press juicers produced anti oxidized and nutritious juice while extracting juice at low RPM.
Chute size The size of the chute is 1.75 x 1.75 and offers the ease of chopping and peeling to users. The solar start II comes with a 1.50 x 1.50 wide and tall chute. It’s a bit narrower than other users and might require pre-preparation before juicing.  Its 1.50 x 1.50 chute allows you to chop and peel the dry skin otherwise it might cause clogging while working.
RPM The juicer works at 540 watts with 1725 RPM and makes noise while extracting juice.  Having the ability to make anti oxidized juice yield the juicer works only at 80 RPM and offers a noiseless and pleasant environment to the users. Being unique from other fast juicers like power xl juicer, the juicer works at 80 RPM and gives a noise free juicing environment.
Versatility This item is an ideal juicer for celery and holds the ability to make salsa, noodles, and baby food. Yes, if you are looking for a multipurpose juicer that is the right product. With this, you can make nut butter, baby food , and noodles in a few minutes. Like other masticating juicers, this appliance can also be used as a blender to make nut butter, extract oil from the seeds and so on.
Construction This juicer is equipped in a metal case with plastic housing that is lined with a stainless steel motor shaft to ensure its durability. The solar start II is assembled in a stainless steel screen with plastic housing that can last for years without having effect on the juicer’s quality. The samson is a durable juicer as its stainless steel with plastic housing presents its body from any damage.
Price Being a versatile item, this juicer costs $265 with a retail price of $350. The best of the juicer is that it cost $269 with a retail price of $319. Not just that, the producers will be responsible for the shipping charges. Having the reputation of a user -friendly juicer, this item costs $229 with a $299 retail price.
Warranty Champion 2000+ is a multifunctional juicer and offers 5 years warranty on parts and three years on warranty on the motor with brilliant customer services. Along with offering unlimited benefits to its users, the solar star II offers 5 years of unlimited warranty to its users and is easily accessible to the tool replacement. It’s relaxing to know that the Samson masticating juicer is offering its customers 5 to 10 years of unlimited warranty on its different models.
Customer Reviews It is the perfect masticating juicer in the market and offers ease of maintenance. Along with that, it’s multifunctional and sometimes produces heat while extracting juice. This juicer is best for extracting juice from leafy and green veggies. If you are considering this juicer for fruits then it might be the right one. Other than that, it produces excellent juice yield with less solids in it. Thsijuicer is not for extracting juice from fruits as it makes pulpy juice. Otherwise this juicer offers clog free and high juice yield extraction of wheat grass and greens.

Final thought

Having a detailed and comprehensive idea about centrifugal and masticating juicer, its types and features is wise as with this information you can easily come to a conclusion to pick the right juicer. Our above mentioned comparison chart is there to guide you in depth.


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