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Become a foster carer with Fostering Families in Derby.

All children require consistency, protection, and the chance to grow up in a loving environment. Children with a poor start are given this opportunity through foster care.

Family Fostering is the temporary care of a child to give them a secure environment. It could be that there is difficulty at home or their family cannot care for them. Some kids have gone through traumatic experiences or have been taken away from their relatives. Local authorities make that decision when a youngster cannot remain with their family. All of the Derby City Council’s foster children are under our care. We work with parents to determine whether children require foster care and pair them with the finest possible homes.

Fostering Families

To help you become ready to foster, we offer training, support, and assessments. Almost anybody can become a foster care provider. Foster parents can provide either short- or long-term foster care. You collaborate with a group of experts to aid the youngster in overcoming trauma and adjusting to a new family. Foster parents are crucial in giving children a secure environment and a happy childhood.

Steps to becoming a foster parent in fostering families.

You can apply to your neighbourhood council or a private following-step fostering organisation to become a foster parent. One fostering service is the only one you can register with.

You are required to attend a fostering education course by the council or agency.

You must pass an enhanced with barred lists Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and the checks of all adults who live with you.

A social worker evaluates you and your household to determine whether you are qualified to care for a child.

You specify your preferences for the kids you’ll be watching, such as age or gender. A foster child is not eligible for a trial period and cannot be selected from a group of children.

The foster care agency evaluates your application. You will have to meet with the panel of fostering families.

Your application is reviewed and decided upon by the fostering families’ service.


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