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Automobile Starter: What a Vehicle Owner Should Know About It

 Automobile Starter: What a Vehicle Owner Should Know About It


When you own a car, there are a few important things about it that you must know. While some people think having the basic skill of driving a car is enough, it is not. There will be times when your car would break down or suffer from some other issue that makes it immobile. If a mechanic cannot be arranged for immediately, you have to fix it yourself.

A car is made of several parts or components. The more you know about these components, the better it would be for you. Having a solid understanding of the vehicle you own is an important life skill that every individual needs to acquire.

Among the several essential components of a car is an automobile starter. If you have had a vehicle for a long time and haven’t heard about an automobile car starter, then it’s time you read up on it. Having some knowledge of it will keep you out of trouble.

What Is An Automobile Starter?

An automobile starter also referred to as a cranking motor, self-starter, and starter motor can be best described as a device that is largely utilized to crank or rotate an internal combustion engine to run the engine with its internal power.

Here are some of the elements associated with an automobile starter you should know about:


The brushes move through a particular section or part of the commutator which is present behind the housing. It comes in direct contact with the multiple components of the commutator and areas which conduct electricity.

When it comes to brushes, you should expect wear and tear to happen frequently as it frequently brushes against, quite literally, the armature. A large amount of heat gets generated around the brushes and this is something one should be mindful about.


The armature is largely an electromagnet that is positioned on the drive shaft and supported by strong bearings. One can also describe it as a laminated iron core that is enfolded in multiple loops, conductors, and windings.

Field winding fault is predominantly used in the armature. The circuit featuring the ground and the one that is closer to the starter motor cannot be expected to turn because you need more windings for that.

Over Running Clutch

The over-running clutch or the ORC is a combination of springs and gears. When you engage the starter, the gear automatically gets drawn out to the gearbox housing and works in tandem with the flywheel.

The over-running clutch plays a very important role in the combustion process. After using it for some time, the springs do get a little weak. Regular usage also affects the Bendix teeth after a while.

Solenoid Switch

When you are studying the various components of an automobile car starter, you cannot miss out on reading up on the solenoid switch. The solenoid comes armed with two wire coils that are engulfed in a moveable core.

It functions like a switch and helps in shutting down the electrical connection. It also acts as the link between the starter motor and the battery of the vehicle. While using a solenoid switch, you should be aware of some of the issues with it. Even when you don’t use the starter button, the starter solenoid could remain engaged if there is a problem or defect.


Having some idea about how an automobile starter will help you both on a short-term and long-term basis. If you are looking for the right place to order an automobile car starter to order from, you should check out Tint GTA.

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