• April 17, 2024

A Guide to the Common Mistakes in Ecommerce Video Production

 A Guide to the Common Mistakes in Ecommerce Video Production

Video marketing plays an important role in promoting a product on various social platforms. Nevertheless, you can also notice the growing popularity of various video-sharing platforms. For example, YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform with millions of daily users worldwide.

You can take advantage of these platforms by uploading videos about your products and companies. A report shows around 88% of people like to see videos before trusting a brand. Therefore, videos play an important role in buyers’ decision-making process. Both small and large businesses should consider e-commerce video production a crucial weapon for promoting their products.

Common Errors in Video Marketing Campaigns

While running video marketing campaigns, businesses commonly make some mistakes. Eliminating these mistakes is crucial to optimize the impact of video marketing on your products and brand name. At the same time, error-free video marketing saves additional expenses for companies. Therefore, businesses can enjoy higher productivity with a lower investment.

So, what are the commonest mistakes businesses and video marketers should avoid running a successful video marketing campaign? In the following section, you can find a detailed guide in this regard.

1. Creating a Lengthy Video

According to the studies, people do not give more than 20 seconds watching a video advertisement on various social media platforms. Therefore, creating a lengthy video will not positively impact your brand. Moreover, it is costly and time-costuming to create a lengthy video advertisement.

Ideally, the duration of a video advertisement should be 15-20 seconds. You can make it shorter if you can, though making it lengthier is not recommended. A short video conveys the message to the potential buyers efficiently. On the other hand, such videos come with a higher conversion rate.

A short, interesting video can quickly draw potential buyers toward the products or services. Fetching leads to online stores is the most important phase of a marketing campaign. Videos can become the medium for fetching such leads on your website.

2. Not Considering Mobile Videos

According to the reports, around 76% of video watchers on different virtual platforms are mobile users. Therefore, people mostly use their handheld devices to watch videos related to a product or service. In such a scenario, a business should create videos compatible with mobile screens.

Keeping the mobile screen ratio in mind is essential for creating a video marketing campaign video. Mobile users love to watch videos that fit perfectly to their screens. Nevertheless, modern handheld device users like HD-quality videos to check the minute details of the products before purchasing them. So, you are making a mistake if you do not keep mobile users in mind while creating videos for marketing campaigns.

3. Lack of Creativity in Videos

Videos for business marketing should be attention-grabbing and interesting. Creating an interesting video is difficult, as the creative team should conduct extensive research before content development. Uniquely presenting a product or service is the key to drawing more buyers to your business.

Creativity is also an important factor in converting leads into buyers. Nowadays, multiple businesses sell similar products. In such a highly competitive market, buyers often remain confused about choosing the right product. They consider quality, though most rival businesses offer products of similar qualities. As a result, the impact of the e-commerce video production campaign eventually makes all the difference.

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