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9 Life Saving Tips for Women Traveling Alone

 9 Life Saving Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Traveling alone as a woman can be scary, difficult, and overwhelming. You may worry about being attacked, have no one to accompany you to the airport, and find yourself constantly lost on your own. But, there are a lot of tricks to making travel easier for women, with some being more important than others. Here are nine life-saving tips for women traveling alone.

1. Be Confident

Traveling alone as a woman means having to feel confident about your actions. If you’re traveling abroad, you need to know that even if you get lost, or something happens, you will have the ability to get yourself out of the situation. Traveling can be fast-paced and tiring, and it’s important that you can keep your cool so that nothing bad happens. Confidence helps you relax, be less nervous, and work faster when needed.

2. Plan Out Your Route

When leaving your hotel room or location, it’s important to plan everything so nothing can go wrong. A general idea of where you are going and how long it should take is necessary to survive your trip abroad. You can use a GPS app on your phone or even print out directions with the help of Google Maps. Not knowing what to expect along the way can be scary and exhausting, so having this information will make your trip much easier. For instance, GPS tracking will give you the distance and time needed to reach your destination.

3. Pack Properly

Packing as light as possible when traveling alone is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few essential things for your trip. All you need is a few pairs of underwear, some tank tops, and comfortable shoes. You can even pack an extra pair of shoes that are easy to slip on at the airport. You must also bring your passport, tickets, and other important documents with you at all times.

4. Try and Arrive During the Day

You should try and arrive at your location around noon or early afternoon. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have plenty of time to figure out a solution. You can also spend more time exploring your new environment during daylight, which is much easier and safer than in the dark.

5. Always Trust Your Instincts

Trusting your gut instincts is the best trick to help you travel safely. If something or someone doesn’t feel right, leave immediately. This way, you’ll avoid any dangerous situations. Whether it’s a bad vibe, an uncomfortable situation, or if you feel someone is following you, take the necessary measures to get out of the situation safely.

6. Get Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can come in handy for many reasons, especially when traveling alone. Even though you should always be careful and plan your trip well, things can still go wrong. Namely, some situations where you need immediate medical attention, cash to purchase an expensive item you’re unfamiliar with, or if your passport is lost or stolen. Travel insurance covers these things, so it is important to get it before your trip.

7. Bring an Emergency Contact

Calling or emailing an emergency contact can be one of the most important tips to remember while traveling alone as a woman. If something is wrong and you need help, an emergency contact can be your best friend. The contact person should know your travel destination and how long you will be gone. You should also give an emergency phone number to the person so they can contact you if needed. You can also consider carrying a GPS tracking device and giving a trusted emergency contact access to your live location when you feel it’s necessary.

8. Go the Extra Cost for the Sake of Your Safety

You need to be cautious when traveling alone as a woman. You shouldn’t take unnecessary risks to save money because that can get you into trouble. You can pay the extra cost and pay for uber or taxi services to ensure you’re safe at all times. Those extra expenses are worth the safety of your trip.

9. Engage in Social Activities

You won’t necessarily be alone during your travels, especially if you have plans with friends along for the ride. However, there will be times when you need to get out on your own and explore. This is when engaging in social activities can help you meet new people, attend events, and make the most of the local area.


Traveling alone as a woman can be scary and stressful, but being prepared goes a long way. You should always research your location before leaving, plan your travels, and be confident in your abilities. If you follow these tips, traveling alone should seem less scary.


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