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8 Types of Gifts for New Born Babies

Newborns require a lot of stuff. They’re tiny and adorable, but they need a lot of stuff. If you’re looking to get something for someone’s newborn baby, here are eight types of gifts that will be sure to please any new mom:


You may be wondering why you should get a monogrammed gift for a new baby. The answer is simple: monograms are special and unique. Monograms can be personalized, which makes them especially useful as keepsakes.

You’ll probably want to choose between an embroidered or appliqued monogrammed blanket, depending on how fancy you want your gift to look and feel. Embroidered blankets tend to have more intricate designs and are made with higher quality materials than appliqued ones, but both make great gifts!


Clothing is another great gift for a newborn. You can buy clothing that is gender neutral, or you can buy clothes in the baby’s favorite color or pattern. You may want to shop for gender-specific clothing if the parents are trying to figure out the baby’s sex, but it isn’t necessary to do so.


Toys are a great way to bond with your baby, and they can be educational as well. In addition to being fun and entertaining, toys can help your baby develop certain motor skills like grasping and reaching.

Toys are also good for developing hand-eye coordination: as soon as your baby starts grabbing things, you may notice that she’s trying to pick up everything in sight! And even if she doesn’t grab it herself, watching her look at things is still quite cute.

But toys don’t have to be expensive. You can make them yourself from items around the house or purchase inexpensive ones from dollar stores – this gift option works out especially well if you’re going on vacation or visiting family members during newborns’ first few months of life!


Books are another great gift for new borns. Books can be used to keep baby entertained, teach them about the world and language, and even decorate their room. You can find books in many places including Amazon and other online retailers as well as bookstores near you.

Books come in all shapes and sizes so you should have no problem picking out a book that fits your needs perfectly.

Baby Shower Party Gifts

Baby showers are a great time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. The mother-to-be is often surrounded by family and friends who shower her with gifts, and perhaps even some useful items for the nursery.

While it’s traditional to give gifts to both parents at a baby shower, you may want to consider giving something special only for the mom or dad who has been carrying around that little bundle of joy for nine months now!

Milk Bottles and Sippers

Milk bottles and milk sippers are essential for feeding your infant. You’ll want to choose a bottle that is comfortable for you to use and easy for your baby to hold, since they will be held and carried everywhere by you or another family member. In addition, milk bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Glass bottles can be beautiful but are fragile; plastic is inexpensive but may not breathe properly over time; stainless steel has an appealing look that’s also durable.

Sippers are also available in different shapes: some have a rounded shape like a real breast, while others mimic the nipple shape found on many baby bottles (which can make them easier for young infants to grasp). Sippers usually have silicone sleeves around the nipple so they’re soft on little mouths—but take note that this material can become discolored when exposed to heat sources such as boiling water or microwaves (which means it’s not safe if you plan on heating your child’s food).

Bedding Sets and Towels

When it comes to baby gifts, there are a few things that every newborn needs. A good place to start is with bedding sets and towels. These items will be used much more than you think, since there’s always laundry to do when you have a newborn around. You can get these items in different colors and patterns, so they’re sure to fit with any decorating scheme you have going on in your home.

  • Towels: Babies need their own towels that they use after baths or swimming pools. If the parents don’t already own some, this would be a great gift idea!
  • Bedding Sets: New babies grow so fast! By the time they are out of diapers and into pull ups (or regular underwear), their beds won’t fit them anymore! Give them something soft and comfy for their new big kid bed!

Newborns require a lot of stuff.

Newborns require a lot of stuff, and you will be investing in many things for your baby.

You can never have too many diapers and wipes. Newborns go through around 3-5 diapers per day, so it’s best to have at least 60-80 newborn size diapers on hand at all times. You should also stock up on lotion, powder and wipes when you find them in the store because they sell out fast and are usually limited edition items.

Newborns need clothes that fit their tiny bodies properly, but it’s difficult to find onesies that fit correctly when babies are born early or late due to CPD (congenital pulmonary disease). The best thing about these types of clothes is that they’re available in one size fits all so no matter how old your baby is when he/she is born or what his/her weight is like when he/she comes into this world – you’ll always have something comfy for them!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on gift ideas for newborns. We know that it can be difficult to choose what to give someone, especially if they don’t have any children yet. But with our suggestions and helpful tips, we hope you’ll find something that fits their lifestyle and personality!

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