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8 Reasons Your Annual Well-Woman’s Exam is Important

 8 Reasons Your Annual Well-Woman’s Exam is Important

There are many reasons you should have a well-woman’s exam. A yearly exam allows women to keep track of the changes in their bodies, know what to watch out for, and receive treatment if needed. Many women don’t schedule their annual exam until they have symptoms; by then, it is too late. The more time passes without a regular exam, the greater your risk of developing severe complications.


The annual Well-Woman is a vaginal exam that provides an in-depth look at your reproductive health. It can be done during a physical exam or in an examination room with a chair and speculum. Here are eight reasons why you should get one each year:


1. It can help you Develop a Relationship with a Physician

You’ll develop a relationship with your physician that will last a lifetime. Your annual visit to the gynecologist is an opportunity to establish trust, so it can be challenging to open up during this initial meeting. Developing this confidence will help you feel comfortable during your visits in the future and make important decisions about care for your family.


2. Annual Appointments Establish Health Trends

Having an annual appointment with your obstetrician, gynecologist or midwife allows you to ensure that you are staying on track with your gynecological health. Yearly checkups are the best way to ensure you don’t miss any gynecological problems and may even be able to catch problems early on. You’ll also receive essential services at these appointments.


3. Screenings Lead to Early Detection

Screening tests are typically an annual part of your healthy woman’s exam and offer the most up-to-date information about your health, preventing a disease or condition from progressing into a more severe state.


4. Annual Women’s Wellness Exams are Preventative Care

Your annual wellness exam is not something you should have to wait until someone tells you to get it. It is a central part of your preventive care. You must have regular exams to help keep you safe, healthy, and well.


5. You will have access to Answers When Questions Arise

When you have a question about your health, you want to be able to ask that question and get an answer. Having a regular checkup is the first step in keeping your health in good shape. You will feel more confident and less self-conscious when you can share your concerns with someone trained to listen and help.


6. Your Annual Exam can Prompt a Treatment Plan if your Health Needs Attention

Your annual exam is the first step in developing a personalized treatment plan that treats any medical conditions that you may have. Your doctor will listen to your concerns and perform a complete examination to discover any health problems or issues.


7. Your OBGYN can Provide Valuable Information about Birth Control and Pregnancy

Your annual OBGYN checkup is an opportunity for your doctor to learn more about you and what’s going on in your life. It allows your doctor to detect problems before they become serious. An excellent annual exam can prevent future complications and provide vital information about birth control, pregnancy, STDs, and even cancer.


8. You’ll Get the Necessary Supplemental Care

A yearly well-woman’s exam is essential because it’s a time to check up on your overall health and ensure that you get all the necessary supplemental care. The doctor will ask questions about your health, sexual history and relationships, past surgeries and treatments, contraceptive usage, and anything new in your life that could affect your mind or body, family members, or friends with any contagious diseases.



If you have a yearly well-woman’s exam, you take essential care of yourself. While there’s no doubt that it can be uncomfortable to ask personal questions and sit through a pelvic exam, there’s also no question that being proactive with your health is the best way to stay well. If you haven’t started having annual well-woman’s exams, you should do a google search for a “gynecologist near me” to get started and talk to them about what sort of yearly checkup regimen would work best for your needs. It might not seem vital now, but an annual medical review is essential and could save your life in the future.

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