• July 15, 2024

8 Reasons Why Mobile Gaming Is More Than Just a Fad

Mobile games are types of video games played on your mobile phone. However, when you think of mobile games, most people think of them as an activity limited to children or something that’s currently in style but could quickly fade at the sight of the next trend. 

However, not many people know that playing mobile games can stimulate your brain and improve your mental and social skills. It is certainly more than just the violent game it is made out to be. Here are some reasons why mobile gaming is more than just a fad. 

1. It teaches problem-solving skills

You may have heard time and time again how technology is the future and the rise of STEM education in children. It rings true because just as coding can teach children problem-solving skills, it is the same for mobile games. Mobile gaming is inherently fast-paced and requires careful planning and strategy. For instance, you need to defeat an enemy or perform a task. It can promote problem-solving skills seeing as you need to quickly think on your feet to develop a solution on the fly, given your character’s limited time and abilities. Thus, it also trains you to be more logical. 

2. It supplements children’s lessons at school

It may not seem like it, but mobile gaming is an excellent way to supplement children’s STEM lessons at school. It can make children more interested in learning at school when they see how topics, such as coding or programming, are used in real life. Video games are composed of codes; that is why it is convenient given how more and more children are taking up STEM subjects. In addition, most children are already interested in playing video games, mobile or otherwise; therefore, explaining the concept to them will make it easier. 

3. It improves concentration

Concentration and focus are crucial as they allow you to complete a given task. But if you’re having trouble focusing, mobile gaming is one way to improve your concentration. Playing mobile games is a great way to keep yourself focused for prolonged periods because there is a lot of action happening in games. It is evident in first-person shooter (FPS) games like Overwatch or Call of Duty, where you are in a fast-paced environment. You need to instantly identify your enemies and shoot them accurately while avoiding being hit yourself. Mobile games are used to treat autism and ADHD in children to get them to focus. Therefore, playing mobile games stimulates your brain and keeps it active. Think of it as a mental exercise. 

4. It develops social skills

Contrary to popular belief and stereotypes of gamers being loners, playing mobile games helps develop your social skills. For example, multiplayer and role-playing games like Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and League of Legends allow you to interact with other players. Together, you can finish quests, battle with different teams, upgrade your character’s abilities, and build your empire. It requires teamwork, collaboration, and social interaction, albeit online, as you must work together to achieve a common goal. That kind of interaction can also give you the confidence to make friends better.  

5. It hones motor skills

One of the lesser-known physical benefits of playing mobile games is it trains your motor skills. Due to their fast-paced nature, mobile gaming requires quick reflexes; otherwise, your character could die, or you could lose the game. Being adept at mobile games trains your reflexes and shortens your reaction time. 

6. It keeps you busy

It is great to take breaks now and then to recharge and prevent exhaustion and burnout. However, it is not wise to stay idle for too long as it can take its toll on your mental health. If left unchecked, your thoughts could quickly turn depressing or anxious, leading to a downward spiral. Playing mobile games is an entertaining way to keep yourself busy without the added stress, making it a deterrent to self-destructive thoughts. If you need another reason to play games, there are mobile games that let you earn through cash games. That way, you’re getting paid and having fun.  

7. It is low-cost

Not all hobbies have to be expensive, and mobile gaming is proof of that. For starters, plenty of mobile gaming apps are free to download. You can earn power-ups and boosters in-game. And, unless you’re the type who wants to skip past their progress and head straight to buying upgrades, playing mobile games can be friendly to your wallet. 

8. It is convenient

Convenience is one of the appeals of playing mobile games. You already bring your smartphone anywhere you go; therefore, you can also play games wherever you are. You could play games even while waiting for an appointment, run errands, are on your daily commute, or while you kill time at the office. Unlike console or PC games, you can also put your phone away at a moment’s notice—no need to struggle with setting it up or putting it away. Plus, there are no pesky wires that could trip you.

The Bottom Line

Playing mobile games is more than just a fad or a pastime for children. Its benefits go beyond playing the game. It can develop your mental, physical, and social skills, which many of us can benefit from. The best part is that you get to do all this while having fun.

Shabbir Ahmad


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