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8 Reasons Why Cats Make Awesome Pets

 8 Reasons Why Cats Make Awesome Pets

Many animals could make excellent pets, but cats are one of the most preferred among households. They have been around humans for thousands of years and will continue to be some of the best pets in the future. 

The following eight reasons explain why cats are awesome pets.

1. Cats Are Excellent Apartment Pets

It’s no surprise that cats are the most popular pet among city dwellers. They don’t need much space or a yard to run around. Also, they tend not to be too active and can easily spend their days lounging around your apartment. This makes it easy for many living in apartments to keep cats as pets. 

A single-bedroom or a studio apartment could be enough for you and your furry friend. You won’t need to consider a bigger home and feel the financial pressure of paying for more space.

2. Cats Are Low Maintenance

A significant benefit of owning a cat as a pet is its extremely low maintenance. Cats don’t need to go for long walks and play for hours at a time like dogs, which makes it easy for anyone with a busy schedule. Cats will likely spend the day napping and only get active when the time calls for it.

In this case, their inactivity makes them eat less, allowing you to save on food costs. Also, cats are healthy pets; it might take a while before they get sick, and you must take them to the vet. Besides the standard monthly or quarterly visit to the vet, you won’t be worried about additional treatment costs.

3. Cats Are Clean Animals

Many people don’t realize that cats are clean animals. They constantly lick their fur, which keeps them smelling fresh. Also, they molt constantly, which keeps them clean and healthy. This means you won’t have to bathe your cat more than once a week or once every couple of weeks. 

To eliminate waste and avoid odors, just make sure to get a modern litter box, so your cat will not be messing up your carpets or furniture.

4. Cats Live Longer

You want a pet that will be with you for the longest time possible. Cats are champions of health and long living. If a cat lived to 10 or even 15 years of age, it would not only be a few years older than you (as per cat years) but still be capable of enjoying its life. Some cats live a long life of up to 20 years, which is pretty good compared to dogs.

5. Cats Are Easy to Housetrain

Cats are known for getting along with new environments, including human homes. This means they can adapt to simple housetraining like using a litterbox, feeding times, and where they should sleep.

6. Cats Are Independent

One exciting aspect of cats is that they are independent. For example, if you leave home and forget to feed your cat, they can hunt for small rodents or birds to ease their hunger. Remember to leave a small opening where they can go outside. 

7. Cats Make Less Noise

Cats are very quiet pets. They communicate with low sounds like purrs, meows, snores, and chirps. Also, they won’t make too much noise when playing outside or running around in the backyard. You can sleep soundly or complete a home project without worrying about disruptive noises from your cat.

8. Cats Rarely Spread Diseases

Cats are healthy pets and won’t make you worry about getting sick unless (you have a cat allergy, of course). Their low maintenance and cleanliness make them less likely to contract any diseases. 

Also, cats aren’t one of the most common pet carriers of rabies and other animal diseases. The only common issue with cats is allergies caused by their fur, which can be managed by frequent vacuuming or restricting their access to your room or favorite seat.


Cats make great pets because they are healthy, clean, intelligent, and independent. Cats are among the best pets, so consider adopting one today!

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