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8 Potential Career Opportunities in Blockchain Technology

 8 Potential Career Opportunities in Blockchain Technology

Since blockchain’s introduction in 2008, it has steadily grown into a billion-dollar industry. Forecasts reveal that it will reach the $163.83 billion mark by 2029.

This forecast is no surprise as it provides companies with numerous benefits. It transforms how organizations do business by making operations more efficient and foolproof. Moreover, its diverse applications span across industries, including healthcare, finance, and supply chain management. Gone are the days when blockchain is only used for earning passive income.

This rapid growth opens up many career opportunities. Several organizations across the globe now recognize this technological revolution’s potential. As such, there’s an increasing demand for blockchain development and management skills. According to 2030 forecasts, it will enhance around 40 million jobs worldwide.

Perhaps you’re planning to work in the blockchain industry. Maybe, you’re looking into shifting careers. If that’s the case, looking into the different job opportunities related to the blockchain may open doors for you. They can help you determine what skills you need or courses to take so you can become part of this phenomenon.

Here are some career options you may want to look into and prepare for if you consider jumpstarting your blockchain journey.

8 Career Options in Blockchain

1.    Blockchain Developer

This job has the most number of openings. It’s unsurprising since developers lay the foundation for blockchain use in businesses. The demand also stems from companies’ drive to maximize blockchain’s benefits. Blockchain developers help organizations analyze and develop applications suitable for their needs and goals.

The foundation for this job is a programming language background such as Python, Javascript, and C++. However, it may be best to understand the industry you want to enter.

For example, you must know how financial markets work to succeed in an investment management blockchain project. Like most development jobs, industry-specific knowledge and experience are crucial for success.

2.    Blockchain Architects

As a blockchain architect, you will coordinate with developers, R&D teams, and network administrators. You’ll also work with IT operations staff and UX design teams.

This collaboration aims to integrate blockchain technology into designing innovative solutions that utilize cross-asset structures. Furthermore, this job entails assessing new solutions using customized performance standards.

A previous experience as a blockchain developer can make transitioning to this career easier. You may already know which departments can efficiently perform a task. On top of this, being familiar with the programming language that the industry uses enables better collaboration.

3.    Blockchain Quality Engineers

This career path involves monitoring all stages of the development process to ensure the quality of manual and automated framework testing. A blockchain engineer also researches load, performance, and stress test strategies. They also offer consultation services on increasing blockchain tool efficiency.

This job requires planning skills and attention to detail to guarantee the timely delivery of projects and adherence to QA standards. An ideal candidate must have an engineering degree and preferably an MBA.

4.    Blockchain Legal Consultant

Companies are still in the early stages of adopting blockchain into their systems. Since it is a newer technology, there may be gray areas that can lead to legal issues.

Organizations need legal consultants to sort through investment terms and business contracts. As a legal consultant, you will help stakeholders manage their business identity, handle finances, and navigate regulatory hurdles.

The ideal legal consultant needs an excellent knowledge of international laws. Blockchain transactions are borderless, so the ability to communicate in universal languages is an advantage. Furthermore, experience in conducting due diligence and drafting legal documents are vital qualifications.

5.    Blockchain Project Manager

This job entails reaching out to various experts in the industry to execute a blockchain project. Organizations hire project managers to help them find the most suitable blockchain solutions for their operations. They are in charge of planning, monitoring, facilitating, and implementing projects.

A background in traditional cloud management is vital for this career. It is also crucial to have a firm grasp of the technology to relate with various stakeholders and service providers effectively. Project managers may also need strong communication skills. This attribute can help them effectively address workers from multiple departments.

6.    Blockchain Product Designer

Product design is the primary and most vital step in introducing a product to the market. The design is the foundation of development, making it an integral part of the process. As such, blockchain product designers use tools to create applications based on customer needs. They envision a product and use their imagination to bring it to life.

Aside from exceptional creativity, a product designer must be an industry expert. They must also be open to collaboration, especially since end-users or the development team may send feedback or improvement points. The designers must provide newer versions based on the feedback they receive.

7.    Blockchain Writer

Focusing on a niche, like a blockchain, allows writers to maximize their potential. Their tasks include writing customer service manuals, product descriptions, technical documents, and the knowledge base. They can also be part of the marketing team tasked with crafting collaterals, sales copies, and blog posts.

Company owners are willing to pay premium fees to writers who understand the use cases of blockchain. They usually need a writer’s service before the launch, making them a valuable asset. Writers who can generate interest and encourage users to engage with the company can become successful in the field.

8.    Blockchain Researchers

The blockchain’s humble beginnings come from community-driven efforts. However, it has now become a multimillion-dollar industry.

With that, the amount of this industry’s funding opens more research opportunities. Various organizations are looking for researchers to find ways to utilize blockchain across different sectors. Some working in this department usually have degrees in economics or finance.

Aside from researchers geared toward development, there is also a need for market research specialists. Their task is to develop marketing plans in preparation for product launches. They also need to gather feedback after the product roll-outs. The data collected is crucial for product improvement and customer satisfaction.

Grab the Opportunity to Work on Blockchain

The continuous evolution of blockchain technology means more career opportunities. The great thing about it is most of these jobs stem from previous experiences. If you plan to shift to this newer space, there’s no need to start from scratch.

For example, software developers already have foundational knowledge. You can use this experience as an edge in pursuing blockchain proficiency.

Many companies now realize the vast potential of blockchain, raring to add blockchain experts to their organizations. Now is the best time to develop your skills and gain more experience. With its steady growth and benefits to many industries, there will always be space for your talent.

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