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7 Types of Animation Genre for Animators in 2022

The most underestimated films in the industry are “ANIMATED FILMS” as they are always referred to as children’s genres. Though many movies are remade solely for children, you’ll find many which are made exclusively for adult entertainment. 

Animations are now known as a film genre. It is a film technique, not a genre. Animation wholly is a category and different genres are categorized under it. Just like every other genre, like comedy, action, romance, thriller, or horror. Animations are the same. They can be made just like any other live-action film. It can be serious and into adult themes. 

They use excellent photography, designs, acting, and sound to make the movie worth watching. There are many unique career options available that are specific to some particular industry. 

There are so many options available in the genres of animations, that the freelancing animators can get overwhelmed. To be honest the best genre is whichever you are most passionate about. 

Here we are going to go through some most popular and loved animation niches and genres that will help you find the right one for you. 

  • Children’s Animation 

The most popular genre in the world is Animation. Children’s Animation more precisely. It is a sub-genre that caters to kids and young people. These animation movies are mostly about fantasies. Animated children’s movies can be of any sub-genres, animation courses in ahmedabad, and cover a wide range of topics such as thrillers, horrors, or musicals. Almost every movie’s tone is light and fun. Musical movies always run over a story plot. And if we go through movies we will find that the story revolves around a battle of good over bad. 

These movies always have a moral behind them and are the possible imagination outcomes of circumstances. This movie incorporates kids’ fantasies. 

The two popular Children’s animation studios are Disney and Pixar. But you’ll find many freelance animators who are specialized in such genres too. 

  • Adult Animation 

Adult animation is the genre that animates stories and things that entertains the older generation. These motion movies are made keeping in mind adult interests. 

The storyline of these films usually portrays adult topics, which are more sophisticated compared to traditional ones. 

You’ll find many children animated movies having adult jokes which are harder for kids to understand but are made so the parents can enjoy them too. 

  • Anime 

Japan-originated animation is known as Anime. The name hype initially was in East and South Asia. but now it is popular worldwide. Anime consists of both hand-drawn and computer-generated animation.

These Anime are based on video games video editing course in ahmedabad , manga, Japanese illustrated novels or television series. Anime is also known as an art form that emphasizes visuals. You’ll often find Japanese painting and calligraphy forms in these films and shows.

  • Documentary Animation 

You might have seen a boom in animated non-fiction films that portray stories. The genre of documentary films when combined with the animation technique makes it animated documentaries. 

The first animated documentary was created by Windsor McCay in 1918. The documentary is 12 minutes long. The name was “The Sinking of the Lusitania”. The film was all about historical events and tragedies. 

  • War Animation 

Animation is known for its fun and entertaining way of depicting things, so it was not so popular when this genre was released. Using animation techniques to portray such a topic can easily be the most effective way of letting people know things. 

Those who are fans of historical things can choose this genre. This war animation can be a very effective way to draw the attention of those audiences who prefer these. 

  • Western Animations 

If we talk about the records of western animated movies, most of them were a flop, but still, it comes from the foundation of animation in the industry. If you are into western films, you can easily convert these into animations. 

  • Animated Horror Films

When we think of animation all we could think of are colorful, cheerful, and bright things and horror isn’t something we can link with animation. But animated horrors have been loved widely for the past few years. The number of people who enjoy animated horror movies is more than traditional ones. These are as scary as other traditional horror movies. 

Animation techniques make this genre more otherworldly. The best of these animated horror movies is that you can create as scary movies as you want. The only limit is your imagination. There is nothing limiting you as traditional movies have physical movies.  


As now we have discussed the basic genres of animation, now you can think of going into freelancing. Now let’s discuss the benefits of an animation niche which will help you with your genre choice.

Animation niches are different from genres, as they are specialized areas of interest that you can pursue. The animation genre can be combined well with animation niches as a conjunction to create a great animation film. 

If you choose an animation niche, there are many positive impacts, and many great personal benefits in your career. Your animation niche can help you fulfill your work and personal life goals. 

Animation niches also help you get the authority of specialty in the path you choose to pursue. You can easily get a hook over the niche and dominate the specific industry which will help you grow your animation portfolio. 

Choosing an animation niche can be really hard as the animation industry changes drastically in techniques and styles. The software for each niche is different too. And finding one appropriate one might be hard as one might find many niches fascinating. 

While choosing the niches you should focus solely on one thing at a time. This will help you be an expert at one thing and help you perfect your animation skills. This way you can get dominance over that particular niche of the industry. 

These are the questions you should ask yourself while identifying your niche 

  • What are you interested in?
  • What are you good at?
  • Is there any gap in the industry? 


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