• July 15, 2024

7 Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy for New Parents

All parents desire to keep the skin of their babies healthy. How you care for your baby’s skin will impact them for the rest of their lives. As your child grows up, their skin may easily be damaged, and you will need a few tips to maintain health. Here are seven tips new parents can use to keep the skin of their baby healthy:


1. Minimize Exposure To Sun

Avoid exposing your child to the sun; if you cannot, use sun protection on your baby outdoors. For the first few months of your baby’s life, they should be exposed to the sun with a limit. This is because their skin is still thin and very soft. You can use hypoallergenic and fragrance-free sunscreen for children above six months old. 

Moreover, you can find a sunscreen with active components like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It is not recommended for children below six months old to use sunscreen. So if you are outdoors with a child under six months, use an umbrella or a hat to protect them from sun rays.


2. Products You Use On Your Child

When cleaning your baby, use soaps and the best cradle cap shampoo, which will not cause any allergic reactions in your baby. The soap used should have a pH between 5 and 5.5. Wash your child with gentle soap and lukewarm water. Using anti-bacterial soaps on your baby’s skin may be too harsh for their sensitive skin.


3. Bathing

Most parents like bathing their babies daily, which is vital in taking care of your child’s skin. Have a bathing routine for your child. While it is essential to maintain good physical hygiene, excessive bathing can cause more harm than good.


4. Change Their Diapers Often

Infants commonly face the skin condition of a diaper rash. A diaper rash may appear as red patches and bumps on the child’s genitals and buttocks. This typically occurs due to moisture from sweat, a fungal infection, improperly drying after a bath, or a soiled diaper.

Changing your baby’s diaper frequently will prevent prolonged exposure to moisture that may irritate the skin. It is ideal for changing your child’s diaper every two to three hours. After a bath, thoroughly dry your baby’s genitals and buttocks. In case of a diaper rash, apply anti-fungal cream, petroleum jelly, or zinc oxide cream.


5. Wash Their Items After Every Use

After using clothing items, towels, and blankets, ensure you wash them. If you do not wash them often, they will get dirty and accumulate bacteria that may irritate your baby’s skin. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the items between uses. Moreover, ensure you use fragrance-free detergents when washing the items. Some fragrance laundry detergents may have ingredients that may irritate and dry your child’s skin.


6. Avoid High Temperatures

Outdoors are many threats to your baby’s skin apart from UV rays, such as high humid temperatures. Exposing your child to high humid temperatures may lead to your baby developing a heat rash. A heat rash appears as small pink bumps on your child’s chest, neck, and upper part of the back. You can avoid a heat rash by dressing your child in lightweight and thin clothes in humid and warm temperatures. 

When you are unsure about the weather, dress them in layers so that it is easy to remove if the weather warms up. Other ways to avoid a heat rash are to give them cool baths, maintain proper room temperatures, and avoid hot environments. A parent can quickly discover if a baby is overheated by checking if they are too warm when you touch or have red skin.


7. Use Soft Fabrics

Some new parents do not pick the proper clothes for their children. You should not compromise fashion over comfort. Your baby will be more comfortable in soft cotton clothes instead of synthetic clothes. Also, to minimize the risk of skin infections, wash new clothes before they wear them and wash their clothes separately from the other garments.


Final Thoughts

As new parents, you must be keen when taking care of your baby’s skin as it is susceptible to skin infections and irritants. Maintain the health of your baby’s skin by the above effective methods.

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