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6 Tips That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty at Your Wedding

 6 Tips That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty at Your Wedding

Congratulations. You’re planning that walk down the aisle and hoping that your big event is special and goes off without a hitch. You, too, can have an elegant affair and feel like royalty at your own nuptials. All it takes is a few tweaks to achieve the wedding of your dreams and to wow your guests at every moment.

1. A Beautiful Dream Venue

Whether your nuptials are held indoors or outdoors, near or far, a stunning venue in the right spot can elevate your event to the next incredible level.

You know what you want, and you can envision the setting and how it will be decorated. For many couples these days, an adventure is on the list for a luxury destination wedding. You will feel like royalty in a dream location, where you and your guests can explore new surroundings and connect on a totally unique and memorable experience.

2. Exquisite Wedding Invitations

To create a highly sophisticated wedding event, even your invitations should follow suit and play the part of social etiquette refinement and include all the essential details.

You can look at invitations from past royal nuptials to study the wording and style and the handsome calligraphy writing often used. Even the texture of the paper is an important aspect of a wedding invitation design along with adorning ribbons, gold foil, a stamped wax seal, etc.

Wedding invitations have a long, interesting history, and the 18th century brought the tradition to the forefront.

3. Royal Wedding Colors

Royal weddings usually show off breathtaking color schemes, and that’s a theme you can copy to achieve that polished aesthetic when choosing your wedding colors.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said “I do” in Windsor in April of 2011, the grand nuptials of William and Kate featured brilliant shades of red, white, and blue. It was very patriotic, and even the young page boys wore decked out in regal military outfits of red and cream.

The happily married pair even drove off into the sunset in a navy-colored car with red, white, and blue ribbons blowing in the breeze.

To add a royal feeling to your wedding, use gold accents along with rich hues such as amethyst and royal blue.

4. A Traditional Wedding Dress

If you long to capture that timeless royal wedding look, the perfect wedding dress can define your event and formal aesthetic.

Look at videos of royal weddings, and note that the brides always wear sleeves on their wedding gowns. Kate Middleton dazzled in a lovely dress with sheer lacy sleeves reaching to her wrists.

Other fine details could include a sweeping dress as you walk down in a cloud of tulle or a gown with a long train and a long veil. Beadwork and lace are also royal details that make a wedding dress unforgettable.

5. Lush Florals And Bouquets

Wedding flowers can also create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding and can evoke luxury and elegance in a variety of ways. Maybe you would like rose petals carpeting the aisle or fancy centerpieces for the reception.

When it comes to the bouquet, sometimes, simplicity is better. Kate Middleton carried a small bouquet of white, homegrown British flowers, including Lily-of-the-Valley, Sweet William, Myrtle, and Hyacinth.

On the other hand, a large, showy bouquet is also royally chic. At Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly’s wedding, the bride held a lavish bouquet made of roses, lily of the valley, stephanotis, and ivy.

6. A Piece Of Heirloom Jewelry

Not every bride owns heirloom jewelry, but she may have a relative or friend who could let her borrow a striking pair of vintage earrings, a pendant, bracelet, etc.

Family jewels add that extra touch of refinement at weddings for royal inspiration. Even pearls are making a major comeback in wedding jewelry, which is nice to see for that classic appearance.

Bottom Line

Every wedding is unique and personal, and that’s what makes them all so amazing. Feeling like royalty when you walk down the aisle near or far can be achieved with or without a tiara. Consider the tips outlined above, and start planning your dream nuptials now!

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