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6 Significant Differences Between a Phd And A Masters Dissertation

The dissertation presents the candidate’s independent research results and contributes significantly to their field of study. Hence, students often take help from the best dissertation writing service UK in this regard. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Dissertation?


A dissertation is an extended written study on a specific topic, usually required as a final project for a PhD or other advanced degree program. The purpose of a dissertation is to demonstrate a candidate’s mastery of the subject matter and ability to conduct original research in their field. 


It also provides evidence of the candidate’s ability to design, execute, and report on a research project, which is essential for success in many academic and professional careers.

Dissimilarities Between A Phd And A Masters Dissertation


A PhD and a master’s dissertation have some differences, although both are written studies on a specific topic as a requirement for an advanced degree program. Some of the differences include the following:

  1. Degree Level

 A PhD is a higher degree than a master’s, and the requirements for a PhD dissertation are typically more stringent.

  1. Length

PhD dissertations are typically longer than master’s dissertations.


  1. Originality

 PhD dissertations are expected to make a new and significant contribution to the field of study, whereas a master’s dissertation may be more focused on synthesising existing knowledge.

  1. Scope

 PhD dissertations are often more complex and wide-ranging in scope than master’s dissertations.

  1. Time Commitment

 Obtaining a PhD usually takes several years of full-time study and research, while a master’s degree typically takes one to two years.

  1. Supervision

PhD students typically interact more with their advisors and receive more individualised guidance and feedback than master’s students.


These are some critical differences between a PhD and a master’s dissertation. However, specific requirements and expectations can vary by institution and field of study.


Main Features Of A Dissertation Proposal


A dissertation proposal is a document that outlines a proposed research project and provides a detailed plan for conducting that research. The main features of a dissertation proposal include the following:


  1. Introduction

This section provides an overview of the research topic and its significance.


  1. Literature Review

 This section synthesises existing research on the topic and identifies gaps in knowledge that the proposed research aims to fill.


  1. Research Question

This section clearly states the research question the proposed study aims to answer.


  1. Methodology

This section describes the research design, data collection methods, and data analysis procedures students will use to answer the research question.


  1. Participants

This section includes the number of participants, sampling methods, and inclusion/exclusion criteria.


  1. Data Analysis

This section outlines the data analysis procedures, including statistical techniques and softwares.


  1. Time Frame

This section provides a detailed timeline for completing the research project, including the expected start and end dates and milestones.


  1. Budget

This section provides a detailed budget for the research project, including estimated costs for data collection, data analysis, and any other necessary expenses.


  1. Conclusion

This section summarises the key features of the proposed research project and highlights its contribution to the field of study.


These are the main components of a dissertation proposal, and the specific requirements may vary by institution and field of study. The Phd proposal writing service writes clearly and concisely to contribute value to the field of study.


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