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6 Reasons You Should Have Your Kids Read During Summer

 6 Reasons You Should Have Your Kids Read During Summer

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Schools are closed during summer, but this should not deter your children from learning. There are many studying programs during the period, from online reading to the use of public library books. Summer reading is beneficial as it ensures that young ones practice and maintain the acquired reading skills. It also prepares them for the next academic year. Below are reasons why your children should read during summer.

Improves Vocabulary


Most children find it challenging to comprehend vocabulary when studying. You should note that vocabulary advances as the school years progress. Summer reading exposes your kids to new sets of words they will come across in the future. Therefore, children will have a good set of words to help them write good essays and provide quality tests and assignments. Moreover, word mastery leads to effective speaking. Your kids will be able to express themselves understandably. They will voice their ideas and opinions fluently.

Increases Desire to Study


Learning during summer instills a love of reading in your children. Consequently, this opens the door to lifelong learning. Your kids explore different exciting topics and genres. This helps them develop a culture they didn’t have before. The determination to read can continue even after the summer holiday. A reading culture encourages children to value, respect, and champion learning. With the zeal to study, children will learn about the people around them, consequently boosting their social skills.

Boosts Innovation and Creativity


Reading during this period helps your children to improve their imagination by opening them to a world of knowledge and innovation. In addition, they can boost their creativity since they mostly have control of what they are reading. They can decide what they want to learn; it does not necessarily have to be schoolwork. They can even take courses to develop their talents and abilities. For instance, they may join a summer camp for sporting activities. Or join an art class to learn graphics, photography, and fashion design skills. This helps them in becoming more independent thinkers who can solve problems effectively. They also develop unique skills that add value to their future career paths.

Boosts Confidence


Studying during summer gives your children an opportunity to concentrate on challenging subjects. They have enough time to focus on complex tasks to help improve their school performance and boost self-esteem. Guardians should provide the necessary support so that children feel encouraged. For instance, you can give the necessary praise and make them understand they can learn from their previous mistakes. Also, make them aware of the progress they’ve made. Flip through the pages for them to see the far they’ve come. They will see the milestones and be proud of their progress.

Provides an Alternative Summer Activity


Summer break may get boring for your kids from the daily routine. On a typical day, they wake up, take breakfast, help with a few house chores, have lunch, get to the pool, have some playtime, and retire to bed after dinner. Over the months, the days become long and tedious due to repeat schedules. Reading will be a great way to break the monotony. They can make studying diverse by considering academic materials and general life stories.

Prevents Summer Learning Loss


Without practice, skills and knowledge fade away. During the long summer breaks, young scholars may lose their learning abilities and academic skills. This is proven by the tests your children take before and after the holiday. Your children should start a reading program to gain more knowledge throughout the summer. Ensure the kids get challenging and engaging books and are excited by the content, for example, human anatomy for kids where they can learn more about themselves and how their body functions. The teacher’s input on the choice of reading materials is essential. They can provide a list of books suitable for the child’s independent learning and the ones to read with adult assistance. They’ll also provide information on accessing the local library or loan books.


There are several good reasons why you should support and encourage your kids to read during the summer holiday. The trick is to get them fun to read books that offer an enriching experience. 

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