• May 22, 2024

9 Instagram Stories Design Tips to Create Stunning Visuals

 9 Instagram Stories Design Tips to Create Stunning Visuals

We’ve compiled 9 Instagram Stories design suggestions to assist you in producing high-quality visuals that will keep your followers coming back for more.

1.   Have a Storyboard Made

Instagram Stories can be utilized in a wide variety of contexts.

Stories are a fantastic way to interact with your audience and promote fresh content without the same polish required for your feed.

In other words, you can shoot live video, B-roll, and still photos with your iPhone and not worry about them looking out of place.

2.   Don’t Go Outside the Lines

Remember how much fun you had in elementary school coloring? (or maybe just last Tuesday in your adult coloring book).

You must learn to play within the rules.

Not only should you avoid crossing any of these red lines, but there are also limits Instagram places on your Stories that you should respect.

3.   Put Together a Story-Specific Style Guide

You can use professionally made graphics and short video clips in your Instagram Stories, but there are also many design components at your disposal.

It’s a good idea to create a style guide detailing the specific fonts, filters, GIFs, and other Instagram Stories features your business can use to maintain brand consistency.

4.   It’s Important To Stay Consistent With Your Brand’s Fonts and Colors

Don’t diverge from the brand in any of your work. Your whole Instagram account, including the stories you post.

This means you should prepare your brand kit with the appropriate hex codes for your colors, fonts, logo, and more.

5.   Use Visual Media

Your Instagram Stories can have content that isn’t wholly original artwork.

A little variety, such as adding photographs, is always welcome.

The best part about Instagram Stories is that not everything you share needs to be perfectly polished.

Use your phone’s camera to snap some candid shots of the action within the app itself.

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6.   Boomerangs

The Instagram-owned app Boomerang can now be accessed from within the Stories section of the app itself.

Simply activating the Stories camera and selecting the third option from the right will give users access to this feature.

The Boomerang is a short, looping video that can be a lot of fun. To inject more of your character into your Stories, use this instead of snapping images.

7.   Include a Text Shadow

Play around with Instagram’s in-app tools for graphic creation.

In the Stories editor, you may create a text shadow by duplicating the exact text in a different color.

It’s easy to move text throughout your Story and change its color to make it stand out more or blend in more.

Then, in a mirrored motion, place your primary shade obliquely onto the shadow.

In-app text overlays are a fun and simple way to customize the look of your Instagram Stories before they go live.

8.   Use Symbols as Building Blocks for Your Designs

Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong are your five Instagram Stories font selections.

This means you can choose five distinct fonts for your letters and symbols.

When rotated and blown up, some of these letters and symbols can make for some exciting design components in Instagram Stories.

Look at the illustration below here.

In the Instagram Stories control panel, we’ve assigned unique icons to each of these features.

9.   View a Wider Range Of Hues

When you launch the text or drawing tools, you’ll be presented with 27 predefined color palettes across three pages.

Furthermore, the color picker allows you to extract color from a picture or image.

If your logo is part of the image you upload, you can use those brand colors elsewhere or choose to match them to the colors already present in the image.

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