• April 14, 2024

4 Ways to avoid locking yourself out of your apartment

Suppose you’re locked out of your house, whether accidentally or deliberately, the first thing to take is not to panic. Instead, take a crucial step to resolve the issue by looking at the circumstances. If you are locked out, you have to think about what is cooking in the kitchen, or is your toddler playing in your home without supervision? If you conclude that lockout is most likely to cause a catastrophe, that is, do not hesitate to tear down the door or window to allow yourself inside. However, taking this drastic step can cost you repair charges. To ensure that you do not get trapped, Dubai Locksmith recommends the following.

1. Keep Track of Your Keys in The Apartment

Make sure you have the keys along with you only the beginning. You must then be aware of where they are. If you’re a neat person, then this shouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish. Put them at the same location each day. A good place is iron or table close to the door to your front, where it’s nearly impossible to miss the keys. However, if you’re concerned about someone picking up your keys accidentally or stealing them, place them in a container or a holder on your desk or bedside table in the room.

There’s no need to have a convenient place near your entrance, that’s okay. Bluetooth is a ubiquitous technology that you may use to stream music from the go with a wireless headphone speaker in your car. It’s also the solution to your key-related issues. Bluetooth tiles are small square chips attached to keys and instantly notify you (as long as you’re in the range) of the location of your key from your mobile. Locksmith in Dubai offer the tiles in packs of four at a lower price. You might be able to share the cost of a set with your roommates.

2. Hide A Spare Key

Many car owners and homeowners concerned about not being locked out discover that hiding spare keys are a good backup plan like going to Locksmith in Dubai. The only disadvantage of hiding a spare key is that anyone else could discover it. If a burglar at your home or vehicle burglar finds a functioning key, it can remove the security features that locks offer for the intruder since the burglar will be able to access the key they have found. It’s a “double-edged” tip if you plan on having a spare key in your possession;it will be perfect for homeowners who need it when locked out. However, on the other hand, it may limit the security locks offered since burglars might discover the key and then use it to gain access.

When hiding spare keys, Dubai locksmith suggests not putting keys close to your front entrance, especially not in doormats or under carpets or doormats unless they are for a short time. It’s not unusual for burglars at home to look under mats, inside pots of plants, or in hanging lights that are close to the front door when they’re searching for spare keys to gain access. To get the best level of security, put a spare key inside a lock box and then bury the lock box in a place where it is easily remembered but isn’t.


It is crucial to remember that your security in your apartment must be the primary thing you’re focusing on, regardless of whether you’re stuck in a lockout situation. For instance, just because having the spare key from Locksmith in Dubai can help avoid a lockout, it does not mean you must keep your spare apartment key under the doormat, particularly if you’re planning to be away for a long time. Be smart and ensure that your security is at the top of your list.



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