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4 Reasons to Use Mylar Bags to Store Dried Herbs and Flowers

 4 Reasons to Use Mylar Bags to Store Dried Herbs and Flowers

When it comes to storing your favorite dried herbs and flowers, it is best not to take any chances. You want them to stay fresh and smell great even after a few days, weeks and even months have passed. In fact, users keep them for years and still get the amazing aromas they want. But when kept in the open or in low-grade containers, this may not happen and the buds may end up losing all the flavors.

Mylar bags are an option to consider. Here are 4 reasons why this is so.

#1: Buds Do Not Dry Out

With dried herbs and flowers, the most important thing is to maintain freshness. If they dry out, they are going to lose all the freshness and aromas. Whether you have treated them with a terpene or not, keeping the moisture content intent is key to freshness. In weed strain bags, this is easy to do because all it takes is zipping up and the moisture level stays the same.

So even after some time has passed, the dried herbs and flowers are going to retain their freshness.

#2: No Oxidation Happens

When you put your dried herbs and flowers in a Mylar bag and zip it up, no oxygen can enter it. This is good news because oxidation does not happen and the content will not lose flavor or decompose. When you leave out your buds in the open, they naturally going to go through oxidation. But Mylar stops this from happening.

Your buds stay fresh even after long months have passed.

#3: Good for Long-Term Storage

You may want to store your buds for the long term for any number of reasons. Maybe you are concerned about the price of dried herbs and flowers going up and want to stock up for the future. Whatever it is, Mylar bags offer long-term storage options in pretty packages.

Pick up high-quality attractive Mylar that is designed for buds. Get them in small-sized packages that make it easy to store a small quantity at a time.

#4: Protection from Light and Humidity

Light and humidity can hurt the flavors, aromas, and freshness of your treated dried herbs and flowers. With weed strain bags, protect your buds from light and humidity for years and retain the freshness.

Mylar-ing can be an excellent long-term storage solution for dried herbs and flowers. Keep their potency and freshness protected and enjoy them later on.


How do I store dried herbs and flowers in mylar bags?

To store dried herbs and flowers in mylar bags, you should first make sure that the herbs and flowers are completely dry and free from any moisture. Then, place the herbs or flowers in the mylar bag and press out as much air as possible before sealing the bag. Keep the bag in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from light and heat sources. You can also add a moisture-absorbing packet inside the mylar bag to further help preserve the freshness of the herbs and flowers.

What are the benefits of storing dried herbs and flowers in mylar bags?

The benefits of storing dried herbs and flowers in mylar bags include the following:

  • Preservation of freshness and potency: Mylar bags are airtight and light-proof, which helps to prevent oxidation and maintain the quality of the herbs and flowers.
  • Smell-proof: Mylar bags are odor-proof, which means that any external odors will not penetrate the bag and affect the quality of the herbs and flowers.
  • Convenience: Mylar bags are resealable, which makes it easy to access the herbs and flowers as needed, and also keeps them fresh between uses.
  • Durability: Mylar bags are durable and resistant to punctures and tears, which makes them suitable for long-term storage.
  • Branding: Mylar bags can be printed with logos or other designs, making them a good option for branding and marketing.

It’s important to note that mylar bags are not entirely light-proof, and UV rays can penetrate them, so storing them in a dark place and not in direct sunlight is best.

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