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3 Powerhouse Anti Aging Products for Skin Transformation

 3 Powerhouse Anti Aging Products for Skin Transformation

Most of us started using skincare products as teenagers. Our skincare routines consisted of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and hopefully sunscreen. We spent time outdoors and enjoyed life. As we got older and started wearing cosmetics and going out with our friends more, things got complicated. It can be easy to skip facial cleansing after a long night out and just drop into bed. But if this becomes a habit, the results can be detrimental. From clogged pores to breakouts to sun damage to fine lines, what can you do? It may be time to add in an anti aging serum or intense moisture. Create a new skincare routine to transform your skin.

Turn Back Time

As we age, we need to upgrade our skincare products to address skin concerns cause by hormones, aging, environmental aggressors, breakouts, and sun damage. As we start to notice fine lines and wrinkles, we may want to add in a retinol serum . Retinol is known to boost cellular turnover, accelerate collagen production, improve skin tone and texture, reduce breakouts and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rejuran® offers a solution, Advanced Anti-Aging Retinol + c-PDRN® Serum. It is formulated with a combination of retinol and peptides. Soothing marine growth factor c-PDRN® helps reduce inflammation, supporting a healthier-looking complexion.

Banish Dark Spots

Freckles, age spots, sunspots, or liver spots? Most of us have one or more of these. If not as a child or a teen, most likely as an adult. Where do these spots come from? They can be from aging, sun damage, breakouts, or hormonal fluctuations. You can address the appearance of these spots by applying Rejuran’s dark spot serum . Advanced Intensive Pigment Corrector features a Proprietary Brightening Complex that helps improve the appearance of dark spots and sun damage. Infused with powerful ingredients like c-PDRN®, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Bisabolol for effective spot-fading results. Skin’s natural renewal process is supported for a brighter, healthier, more even-looking complexion.

Nurture Your Neck

For youthful results, be sure to spend time on your face, neck, and décolletage. Don’t treat the neck like an afterthought. Take preventative measures. Most of us don’t address the neck until it’s almost too late. We don’t put makeup on it, why do we need to use our costly skincare products on it? Because if we don’t, our neck will have the same fate as our hands. It will appear to age tremendously, practically overnight. Why is this? Most likely it’s from neglect. The neck had less oil glands than the face and needs nurturing moisture. If you use anti aging products on your face and not on your neck, you will see a huge difference. Your complexion may appear smooth and firm, while your neck looks saggy and old. It may feel hopeless, but it’s never too late to address your neck. Rejuran® has an incredible neck cream that’s intended to be used on your face, neck, and décolletage, for seamless healthy-looking skin. Advanced Face & Neck Firming Cream improves the appearance of skin firmness and will help give your neck area a more rejuvenated, sculpted, and youthful look.

Transform your skin by creating a new skincare routine today.

About Rejuran®

Rejuran® is here to help you rewrite your skin story one chapter at a time. After decades of research into skin-healing, anti aging, and optimal skin health, Rejuran® offers a full selection of products backed by top dermatologists and sold in spas worldwide. The brand’s products are loved by people of all ages and skin types, thanks to Rejuran®’s patented, proven skin transformation ingredient known as c-PDRN®. Working within the dermis to naturally encourage collagen production, this Marine Growth Factor helps to provide superior skin protection, promoting cellular turnover and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the process. With thoughtfully developed formulas ranging from retinol serums to scar gel treatments, pigment correctors, and neck creams, Rejuran® helps you return your skin to its healthiest, most youthful glow.

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