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3 Fashion DIYs using palazzo to try at home

 3 Fashion DIYs using palazzo to try at home

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Who doesn’t like dressing in a sexy way? 3 Fashion DIYs using palazzo to try at home. Literally and metaphorically, everybody around the globe, regardless of whether they are aware of what they do or don’t. Furthermore, with so much attention being placed on the appearance of individuals, an individual could be judged by the clothes they put on. But, with the numerous options and styles of clothes, picking an outfit or style that will entice all is difficult. It is particularly difficult when you want to stay up-to-date with the current trends in the Fashion world.

Presently, Palazzo has been around for a long time. Combining it with an edgy look is just as hard as a rock. Particularly, if one doesn’t know what to wear or when to wear it. We at Bunkari offer three stylish hacks you can do yourself that can help you save your Palazzo style with long kurti for women.

1. Palazzo and dress

The combo sounds completely absurd. A Palazzo and a dress what is the possibility? It’s true that since Bhajirao Mastani was released flared pants and an Anarkali have become a fashion. So, it’s not a stretch to wear an Anarkali dress with Palazzo. You can begin by pairing a contrast, a simple mid-length dress with a palazzo that is in a different shade. For instance, pairing a plain yellow thigh-length dress with black culottes or a palazzo that is cropped will make contrasting colors pop with an added flash. Also, you can play around with it by using floral prints with simple colors. You could wear a simple red or bottle green, or even white cut palazzos or culottes, With bunkari get the best cotton kurta set for women in the mid-length floral dress in the above image.

2. Kurta and Palazzo


This isn’t a shock. Due to how popular Bhajirao Mastani’s style was when the release of the film and is still. Kurta and Palazzo are a perfect couple, and it’s been a fashion for a while since Deepika Padukone starrer Piku came out. There are several ways to wear the two. You can choose to go with Piku and wear simple or minimally printed long kurtas of cotton with palazzos that are full length. If you prefer comfort and you want to be comfortable, go for a loose-fitting Kurti and flowing pants. When it comes to Kurtis and Palazzo’s, you can choose to make use of color blocking, or by using two distinct designs, or go for a full floral, as mentioned above. There’s also the option of pairing the comfortable trousers with shorter Kurtis and if you want to wear them that have a split in the center.

3. Tops and Palazzo

Palazzos and tops that are paired together are the most popular method to wear pants, particularly for young women. It’s so, mostly due to the flexibility and comfort that comfort tops and shirts as well, offer. In the case of these two items tops and palazzos, there’s no set of guidelines. One can style the look according to one’s personal style. One of the best ways to combine palazzos and tops is to wear an edgy or tight-fitting t-shirt, whether plain or otherwise, paired with flowy pants.

3 Fashion DIYs using palazzo to try at home.  They can be cut shorter or culottes. Alternately, you can wear straight-cut palazzos when you wear loose t-shirts or shirts, but be sure to tie them in for a stylish appearance. If you want to go for a more formal appearance, wear straight-cut palazzos with formal shirts, or culottes. Another option is that one could consider pairing pants with less flair and a pleated top as seen in the photo. It could be cut shorter or a full-length one. They will look good when paired.

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