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12 Things You Must Know About Dark Academia Décor Trend

Are you looking to add a touch of dark academia to your home décor? If you’re looking forward to adding a touch of dark academia to your home, then you’re in luck. This décor trend is HOT right now. But before you start shopping, there are a few things you need to know. It’s elegant, dark, and mysterious – perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of sophistication to their décor. This blog post will discuss the 12 most important things you need to know about dark academia décor. We’ll cover everything from furniture and area rugs to walls and accessories. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to take your dark academia décor game up a notch, read on!

Knowing The Origin Of Dark Academia Décor

Dark Academia is a décor style that takes its cues from classic academia but with a dark, gothic twist. The key to nailing the dark academia look is in the details. Think moody lighting, plenty of dark wood furniture, and antique-inspired accessories. It showcases the love for literature and dark arts. The dark academia style is perfect for anyone who wants to create a cozy, sophisticated space. It gained popularity in the 18th century and was popular among intellectuals and academics. The dark academia trend has made a comeback in recent years, thanks to the popularity of shows like “The Haunting of Hill House” and “A Discovery of Witches.”

Here are the ten things you need to know about dark academia décor:

1. Style With Black Walls

In dark academia, black is often used as an accent color on walls. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, paint your walls black. Black paint will make your space feel moody and sophisticated. If you’re not ready to commit to painting your whole space black, start small with one accent wall. If you paint one wall black, then you can still keep the other walls a neutral color.

2. Style With Moody Colors

Dark academia décor is all about creating a moody and atmospheric space. To achieve this look, you’ll want to use dark and rich colors. Jewel tones like the lovely emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red are perfect for dark academia décor. You can use these bold colors on your walls, in your furniture, or in your accessories. You can use these jewel tones by themselves or mix and match them to create a unique dark academia color palette.

3. Use Textured Fabrics

Another way to create a dark and moody atmosphere in your dark academia space is to use textured fabrics. You can find textured fabrics in the form of area rugs, throw blankets, and even curtains. Look for fabrics that have a lot of texture and depth to them. This will help create an inviting and cozy dark academia space. Materials such as velvet, wool, and leather are all great choices for dark academia décor.

4. Furnish With Dark Wood

Another key element of dark academia décor is dark wood furniture. This can be anything from a dark wood coffee table to a set of bookshelves. Dark wood furniture is the perfect way to add both function and style to your dark academia space. Furniture pieces made of dark wood, such as the wood of an old piano, can also be repurposed and used as dark academia décor. If you cannot find dark wood furniture pieces, you can find any modern furniture in black or dark brown and repaint it with a dark wood stain.

5. Add-In Metallic Accents

Use metallic accents to add a touch of luxury to your dark academia décor. You can find metallic accents in the form of vases, picture frames, and even candle holders. Look for metals such as brass, bronze, and copper to give your dark academia space an antique feel. Rusty metals like these can also be found at flea markets or garage sales.

6. Add Touches Of Green

While dark academia décor is mostly dark and moody, it’s important to add a few pops of color. One way to add greenery is to incorporate green plants into your dark academia space. Not only will green plants add a touch of color, but they can also help purify the air. If you’re not a fan of plants, you can also add green in the form of artwork or area rugs. Choose dark green houseplants like Monstera, snake plants, or fiddle-leaf figs.

7. Lighting Is Important

When it comes to dark academia décor, lighting is everything. You want to avoid harsh fluorescent lighting as it will make your dark academia space feel cold and sterile. Instead, opt for softer light sources such as floor lamps, table lamps, and candles. Candles are especially important as they can help set the mood and create a sense of ambiance. Be sure to choose unscented candles so as not to overwhelm your senses.

8. Use Area Rugs To Create Cozy Spaces

Another way to add both function and style to your dark academia décor is by using area rugs. Area rugs can help create cozy spaces within your dark academia room. Look for area rugs that are dark in color and made from natural fibers such as wool or cotton. These area rugs will help add comfort and style to your dark academia space. Look for area rugs made of wool or velvet in colors such as forest green, Burgundy, Navy blue, or Black. You can easily find dark navy rugs that will complement your dark academia décor.

9. Use Dark Colors For Your Walls

To complete the dark academia look, you will need to paint your walls in dark colors. The best dark colors to use for dark academia décor are navy blue, forest green, and burgundy. You can also find wallpapers with dark patterns such as damask or paisley. You may also try out deep green or burgundy accents as a way to add an aesthetic appeal.

10. Add Wall Art

Another way to add depth and dimension to your dark academia space is by hanging wall art. Look for pieces that feature dark colors and rich textures. This will help create a visual focal point in your dark academia space. Wall art is also a great way to add a personal touch to your dark academia décor.

11. Window Treatments

Window treatments are an important part of dark academia décor. Heavy curtains or drapes can help create a cozy and intimate space. Look for window treatments that feature dark colors and rich textures. You can also add privacy to your dark academia space by choosing window treatments that block out light. You can use dark and moody colors for your dark academia space, but you can also use pops of color to add interest.

12. Choose Furniture With Rich Textures

When choosing furniture for your dark academia space, it is important to select pieces that have rich textures. This can be achieved by using a warm filter over the lights. Look for furniture made of dark wood, leather, or velvet. You can also add depth to your dark academia space by choosing furniture with intricate details. You may find rich textured rugs from online stores like RugKnots or through local antique stores.

The End

The trend of Dark Academia décor is growing in popularity, and for a good reason. You can create a stylish and inviting space that reflects your own unique style by following a few simple tips. Whether you’re looking to bring some darkness into your home or establish a relaxing getaway away from it all, these twelve ideas will help you get started. Have you checked out any of these techniques in your own home? Let us know how it went in the comments area below!

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