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11 Best Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

 11 Best Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Flinders Street Station

Melbourne is a young, vibrant city with a vibrant downtown and inner-city neighbourhoods with distinct personalities. It also has lush green parks and mountain ranges. Here you may experience the best of Australian nature.

The city is renowned for its numerous lanes, ethnic diversity, fantastic food options for all price ranges, and great street art. Additionally, it is renowned for being the world’s coffee capital. It is known for frequently winning awards for being the most livable city in the world!

Some of the 10 Most Popular Things to do in Melbourne

1. Drink The World’s Best Coffee

When you witness how dedicated Melbourne baristas are to their trade, you’ll understand why Melbourne won the title over many of the most well-known coffee towns in the world, like Rome and Vienna. Melbourne prides itself on being a global leader in coffee and café culture. Its residents are proud to be coffee snobs, so it’s difficult to find a terrible cup of coffee there. According to Yelp, the greatest coffee shop in Melbourne is Patricia on Little Bourke Street.

2. Check Out The Amazing Street Art

The city of Melbourne, known as one of the world’s street art capitals, is well renowned for its street art. It’s a great way for aspiring street artists to gain experience in the artistic side of graffiti. Having structured locations for this amazing creative outlet helps to reduce the levels of graffiti elsewhere. It also adds a great urban vibe that tourists and locals alike enjoy. The city council has designated certain areas as approved for street artists. The street art here is of exceptionally high quality and changes regularly. A map of Melbourne’s street art also may be here. Those who are interested in learning more about street art, are viewing how it is created. There is even a Melbourne street art tour organized by street artists.

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3. Visit Flinders Street Station And Federation Square

The main entrance to Flinders Street Station is a charming cultural icon of Melbourne. This can be seen on many postcards or travel guides. This stunning structure was inaugurated in 1910. It is classified on the Victorian heritage registry. The busiest train station in all of Australia is located here. It is along with a modest food court and convenient walking access to Southbank. Another famous landmark in Melbourne is Federation Square. This is located across the street. The Square is unlike anything you’ve ever seen because of its distinctive and unusual architectural design. Visit the Ian Potter Centre art gallery and the Australian Centre of the Moving Image once you arrive in the Square. Both have featured fascinating exhibits on topics like Claymation.

4. Rock Out

The live music scene in Melbourne is well known, especially for rock music. At any given time, many bands are performing, and the city draws in talent from around the world. This includes emerging artists. The renowned Australian singer-songwriter-poet-author Nick Cave also calls it home. The Corner Hotel, the Evelyn Hotel, the Spotted Mallard, the Post Office Hotel, the Ding-Dong Lounge, the Esplanade Hotel, and the Palais Theatre are a few well-liked venues to see a band.

5. Stroll The Botanic Garden

The Botanic Gardens are within walking distance from the city centre. The Squa.re has some of the best aparthotel in Melbourne near to the Botanic Garden and the city centre. This offers an oasis of calm, peace, and greenery just outside of the urban bustle. They’re a popular spot for local walkers and joggers. The breathtaking landscapes make them ideal for a peaceful meditation session. With more than 8,500 plant species, the botanic gardens are colourful, gorgeous, and fascinating. You could even bring a sketchbook and try your hand at drawing some beautiful flowers or backdrops.

6. Have A Gourmet Greek Dinner

Outside of Athens, Melbourne is the city with the highest concentration of Greeks. The dynamic, close-knit Greek community in Melbourne regularly hosts several cultural events. The magnificent Greek Precinct is another place to discover Greek food of the calibre you’d find in Greece itself. The Hellenic Museum is close by, and there are also several Greek speciality stores in this area.

7. Shop Till You Drop

Melbourne is known for its top-notch shopping. This includes Chapel Street, well-liked by both local and foreign celebrities for its superb selection of fine clothing. Richmond’s Bridge Road is a fantastic location for discount shopping, delicious food, and high-quality housewares. In addition to Highpoint and Chadstone, two excellent, huge retail centres with a wide selection of Australian and foreign brands, Fitzroy is widely renowned for its eclectic, antique finds.

8. Visit The Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum is a celebration of Australia’s multiculturalism and the various cultures that have coexisted to shape this nation. The museum is housed in the stunning Old Customs House. This highlights the tales of the different communities of Melbourne and Victoria as a whole. It also discusses identity definitions, the immigration experience, and the tough voyage many immigrants would have had to reach Australia. The Old Customs House’s status as the main hub for immigration, trade, and shopping. During the 19th century, it was also documented in the Customs Gallery.

9. Have a Night Out At The Crown Casino Complex

The largest casino complex in the southern hemisphere. It is one of the biggest worldwide. It is a casino and resort complex next to the Yarra River. Except for three public holidays each year, it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a lot of fun if you want to gamble, but it also offers fantastic dining, lively nightlife, and upscale shopping. The Atrium area is stunning. It has wonderful fountains and light and music shows. There are pyrotechnic towers just outside the complex itself that are amazing to see. Known as the “Gas Brigades,” they are the largest of their kind in the world and launch fireballs into the night sky.

10. Visit Block Arcade

A retail centre called The Block Arcade was established in 1892 and is set in a stunning heritage shopping arcade. The Block Arcade, which is rich in history and has beautiful architecture, is a journey back in time. It also houses some great luxury retailers. This includes the quirky Art of Dr. Seuss exhibition, the Hopetoun tearooms, and Haigh’s chocolates.

11. Go Bushwalking In The Dandenong Ranges

A stunning mountain range outside of Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges is heaven for nature lovers, hikers, cyclists, and bird watchers. The ranges’ stunning landscape makes them a well-liked tourist destination for both adventurous and romantic retreats. It’s also a favourite location for wedding photography. The ranges are home to numerous quaint little towns and great farm-gate products. It also has a well-known Puffing Billy steam locomotive.

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